A. REGULAR MEETINGS - Covenant Region Cumberland Presbyterian Women's Ministry shall meet annually, on the   third Saturday in April at 10:00 a.m. for a one day session, except when the meeting falls during Holy Week, in which case this meeting shall be held on the second Saturday in April.  Each local group within the bounds of Covenant Presbytery is entitled to one delegate who together with the region officers and membership holders shall constitute the membership of the meeting and shall be entitled to vote.  Visitors are welcome in every meeting and are to register as such.

B. MEETING PLACE  - The place of meeting shall be determined by next on roll.  The Treasurer will pay the host church   $200.00, provided the host church agrees to provide a free meal.  If no lunch is to be served, the host church is to give the Treasurer 30 days notice in order that the delegate may be informed.

C. HOLY COMMUNION - A Communion service shall be held at each spring meeting.

    1.  Executive Committee: shall consist of the officers.
    2.  Auditing Committee: will be appointed by the executive Committee and will audit the Treasurer's books in the spring.  The year will run April 1 through March 31.
    3.  Credentials Committee: will be appointed by the Executive Committee prior to the meeting in which they serve.
    4.  Nominating Committee: will be appointed in the spring meeting and give their report at the next spring meeting with  the nominees being elected and installed at that time.

E. FELLOWSHIP OF THE LEAST COIN monies shall be received at the spring meeting.

F. A MEMORIAL SERVICE shall be held at the Spring meeting.

G. A PATRON MEMBERSHIP will be given annually, recipient selected by the Executive Committee.

H. THE APPORTIONMENT shall be re-evaluated in the spring to be changed  if necessary.  The budget can be changed  only by a two-thirds favorable vote of the regional group in a regular session.  The Executive Committee determines the apportionment, to be due March 1st. 

I.  EXPENSES shall be paid by the treasurer; travel will be calculated at the current Federal rate reimbursable for mileage.

J. THE TREASURER shall pay the delegate's expense to Convention.  The delegate is to be either President or  President-Elect, with both being sent and their expenses paid.  In the event either the President or President-Elect is unable to attend, another officer will be chosen to replace her. 

K. THESE STANDING RULES are to be printed with the Minutes.

Covenant Region
Cumberland Presbyterian
Women's Ministry
Synod of MidWest